Founder of Noble Marketing Solutions & Nhery Sisters Foundation Shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

My name is Nyasha Manyuke, a 26-year-old single lady. I am the CEO of Noble Marketing Solutions & Founder of Nhery Sisters Foundation and based in Cape Town, South Africa. I moved to South Africa for greener pastures in 2017, but it was not as easy as I expected it to be.  In the process of trying to make a living in a foreign country, I met Zimbabwean entrepreneurs but [I felt] they lacked professionalism and marketing skills which was limiting their growth.

I struggled to get a job when I relocated [so] I used my skills to create employment for myself and the team I work with. I used my marketing background to assist [clients] in their businesses, for example, the importance of branding, professionalism, customer care etc. At first I did it for free and would do it wholeheartedly (and I call it “serving”), trusting that the Almighty would see me through.

After offering exceptional services in marketing for free, clients would refer their friends and family and I started charging them. That’s how Noble Marketing Solutions was born. I registered the company in 2018. We help small to medium enterprises get a professional appearance and well-strategized branding that will help their company build trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. We believe people are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal.

Challenges I faced when I was starting my business were getting professional service providers for some of the services we subcontracted, like graphic designers, etc. Sometimes they would not deliver on time and this would affect our business. So it took me quite some time to hire the right team to work. As a woman in business, sometimes men would want to take advantage and sleep with you before giving you any contract.  I managed to overcome by not compromising my standards/principles. I have also put my faith in God and I believe he is the one who gave me the idea. He shall provide the right team to work with and clients who won’t want to take advantage of me.

I am also the founder of Nhery Sisters Foundation (NSF) a Non-profit organization that works on empowerment in various forms. Our focus is on creating an ongoing culture that focuses on bettering knowledge, facilitating fundraising schemes that provide finance for the underprivileged and orphaned. NSF assists individuals beyond the boundary of race, gender, nationality, religious beliefs and culture.

Growing up I have always had a soft spot for the underprivileged and it affected me personally. I would pit myself in their shoes and I wanted to help but never had the capability. I vowed to take it upon myself to figure out how I could make a difference. If I couldn’t do it myself, I would mobilize others to help me and also come up with different projects that do not require money. For example, we embarked on a project called Trim Your Wardrobe Challenge were we ask individuals to trim their wardrobes and we distribute the donated clothes to the less privileged in different children’s home. In December, we also do a Christmas party for the kids.

I believe that not everything needs money. If you have a willing heart, God will always open doors.

I would like encourage other women to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, trust In God during the process and never lose faith

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