How a Relationship with God and the Power of a Vision Transformed Sibo Hlabangana’s Life

(I met Sibo Hlabangana whilst attending a girls’ workshop last October and was immediately drawn to her level of faith in God’s word. This compelled me to want to share her journey from being a lawyer to authoring four books already. She narrated to The Weight She Carries how she has since stopped practicing law to becoming an author, blogger, motivational speaker and more.)

Growing up in a country where [most] people identify as Christians, l was one of them but l did not have a personal relationship with Him. And so in my twenties, l went through my rebellion against God. At the time, l was unhappy because l felt that l had done everything right and yet He was not delivering like He was supposed to. And that is how l lost my way with God and before l knew it, l was so far gone into a life of partying, drinking, among other things.

My life became stagnant. I ended up not liking the way l lived and cried out to God and thankfully He worked on me. Having a relationship with God has turned everything around for me.

Sibo Hlabangana

My mother inspired me to become a lawyer because she was never afraid to stand up for herself. One incident l remember is when she returned with rotten sausages to a certain shop and made sure she told them what she thought of them selling rotten food to customers. Growing up, l realized that a lot of people did not know their rights and so l wanted to help them. To be their voice.

I studied to become a practicing lawyer in Zimbabwe. While l waited for my admission, l volunteered for a human rights organisation that helped the indigent. Luckily for me, one of the lawyers left and since l was already doing the work, l was offered the position. God being good, l was admitted the same month l started the job.

(Sibo talked about how in 2017, she drafted a vision letter detailing what her life would look like in ten years and how she is already living that vision.)

As a child attending Mafakela Primary School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, l never imagined a life outside what l saw or knew around me. l never dreamed and if l did, l do not remember. And so when l wrote my vision letter stating that l would be a writer, l thought it would happen later in the future. But by the end of the year, l had written three books – all self-published!

(A blog called Inspiration by Sibo was born from the idea of sharing some of the books that had had an impact on her, including her own books. She inspires people to live passion-filled lives and encourages them to pursue their dreams. From writing, she later turned to speaking.

Sibo has spoken on various platforms such as the Herbert Chitepo Law School at Great Zimbabwe University as well as King George VI Centre in Bulawayo, she has also been nominated for an Intombie Award that honours women. For this remarkable lady it all began with seeing beyond her reality. Part of what she wrote in her vision letter in 2017 is already manifesting itself.)

In my letter l wrote, l [wanted to] inspire people especially young women, and now l run an inspirational blog and l am a cofounder of an online women’s ministry called Hosea Women lnternational. l also mentor young women as part of Working Girl Foundation. I now have four books to my name. l speak regularly and when l wrote ‘l will travel,’ l had only been to South Africa where l had studied, but last year l travelled to Bali, Indonesia!

All this began with a vision letter, by simply stating down what my life should look like in ten years. l have begun to see it unfold sooner than l thought.

To women out there, if your life is not what you would like it to be, my advice is have a vision for your life. Dream big because God’s resources are limitless. Believe in your dreams without any evidence that they will come true. Visualise your dreams because if you can see something in your mind, in time you will see it in real life. And lastly, define what success means to you. Success varies from person to person, so have your own idea of what success looks like for you.

Sibo Hlabangana

I am a big dreamer so l have many vision boards and vision letters some l have shared on In brief, l see myself being a sought-after international speaker, a preacher, bestselling author and an entrepreneur. I also see myself being a wife and mother who puts family first. In other words, my future looks extremely bright. I believe all my dreams will come true because my Dad, God, can do anything.

(Three of Sibo’s books can be found on Amazon. One of her books is free and can be downloaded from lnspiration by Sibo under the section “My books.”)


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    Brumelda Nembungu

    Hi I could really like one of your books pls… Read your short testimony and I really want to live my life a God fearing woman..

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      Sibo Hlabangana

      Hey Brumelda, my free book “Do you have an H: Having a relationship with God and growing your faith” is free and you can download the PDF version from under the section “my books.” The other 3 books can be found on Amazon. You can Google Sibo Hlabangana and the link will come up.

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