How Digital Marketer and Online Business Mentor Matthesa Gregg is Building an Empire Online

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Matthesa Gregg is all about impact. Her personal mission is to use her gifts to bless those around her. And thanks to the internet, her sphere of influence has expanded exponentially. Since launching her online business in 2019, Matthesa has been effectively growing her global business and mentoring others to do the same.

Like many women, Matthesa juggles many responsibilities. She is a wife and mother, and works fulltime outside the home. Though her various roles place demands on her time, Matthesa is razor focused on one particular goal.

“I want the very best for my family and myself,” Matthesa told The Weight She Carries.  “The kind of life that I live needs to be felt by others. I want impact. I want my life to be in alignment with my God-given talents and gifts.”

Matthesa completed an undergraduate degree in psychology and went on to obtain a Masters in Adult Education and Community Development.

Venturing into the world of digital marketing was a departure from her expertise, but then again, it wasn’t. She wanted to be a teacher as a child, and in many ways she is doing just that. She is building an empire online and teaching others to plug into the same system.

“At the time that I started thinking about starting a business of my own, I was really looking to join the crowd of people that know how to make money online,” she said. “I wanted to be part of the crowd that could sit in a coffee shop and essentially work on earning money for myself.”

One day, she stumbled upon a business opportunity someone she knew was involved in. The more she learned about the business the more certain she was that this was exactly what she had been looking for.

“I have a digital marketing online business where I can help and mentor people to set up and establish their own online business using a simple and effective business model,” she said. “I have never had a business in which I was the sole operator before.  My husband and I have a small take out restaurant, but he is the primary person that handles that business out of the two of us.”

As many entrepreneurs know, starting a business can present a myriad of challenges that require a healthy dose of mental stamina to overcome. Matthesa was no different. She quickly realized that the right mindset was critical to her success as a business owner.

“I had never owned a business before. I knew that there would be a lot of learning involved.  Oddly enough, I didn’t have a fear of failure because I know that when I put my mind on something, I can do it – though I do believe that I may have had a subconscious fear of success,” she said. “In a few years from starting this business, I can amass great success and my life and circumstances could look very different than what it did when I just started this business.”

“The fear of success can be a very real thing. I no longer have this fear because I’ve done a lot of personal development over this past year.”

Matthesa Gregg

Owning a business means being open to constantly learning new things at a rapid rate. In many ways, it’s much like going back to school. You need to learn about your industry, how to get clients and customers and how to network effectively. You also learn a lot about yourself, what you are good at and where your weakness lie. It can be overwhelming, but it is a rewarding adventure that can lead to a greater appreciation of who you are as a person.

I asked Matthesa what she has learned about herself since starting her business.

“I’ve learned that I’m a lot more creative than I had once thought. Depending on what you do for a living, sometimes our creativity in our adulthood is stifled.  It’s not like what it was when we were children and encouraged to use our imaginations to the fullest.  We still need to do this as adults.  I’m learning to ignite my imagination, and as a result, I’ve gotten a lot more creative since owning a business.”

What else are you learning about owning a business?

I’m also learning that I can persevere.  And there is certainly an element of perseverance in business.  Business isn’t always easy and for the periods when it’s not easy you have to persevere.

What’s so great about this business opportunity?

I’m part of a business system program that includes all of the essentials you need in starting a business, the sales tools, marketing strategies, automated online system and access to products.  It’s a business in a box.  However, it still doesn’t mean that huge business growth is going to be instant or happen overnight. 

What misconceptions did you have about owning a business initially?

I wouldn’t say that I had this misconception when starting my business but one thing I think people believe (who have never owned a business before) is that it doesn’t require daily dedication.  You need to work your business the same way you do as your day job.   That’s the kind of dedication it requires for it to grow.

You talk a lot about mindset on social media. Why is this so important?

I love talking about mindset!  When you’re an employee, your mindset doesn’t come into play a lot of the time.  You go to work, you do your job, you get paid.  But when you’re a business owner, it sure does!  You are now creating revenue from your own efforts.  The biggest mindset shift that I had was from the shift from employee to business owner. You have to truly own your business, work it like it’s your 9-5 and have faith that the vision you have in your mind will come to pass in reality.  You need to know that all the good seeds that you plant daily in your mind (i.e. affirmations and empowering thoughts) will turn into the harvest (thriving business) that you desire.

What would you say are some of your keys to success?

  1. Making a plan, developing a business strategy and implementing it.
  2. Cutting the noise: What I mean by this is cutting the distractions that come up daily [and] intentionally focusing on what you need to do for your business daily.  Cutting the noise also includes the opinions of naysayers, the people that want to tell you that your dreams are too big or what you’re doing is crazy.  Don’t listen to them.
  3. Surrounding myself with people who have the same mindset as I do and who are experiencing great success.  Over time you become people like the people that you associate with.
  4. Establishing clarity.  You need to be very clear with what you want for yourself and your business.  Once you establish clarity things seem to flow much easier.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about starting a business?

Go for it! Whatever is brewing deep down inside you to do, you need to go after it.  Because I believe that discovering the purpose for your life (what you’re meant to do) is already inside.  It’s what you naturally gravitate towards. I believe that gives you clues as to what you are to do with your life.  God will present opportunities that align with this, you just need to be aware. But before you go for it, develop a business plan and seek the advice of those that have the experience.

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