How I Started Taking Care of Other People as a Calling

My name is Eunice Zvitiki, a mother of one handsome boy. I always had the zeal for a big family, not knowing God had His plan for a big family for me. I have, at the moment, five children that I support whilst they are at their homes. I have never been this fulfilled, and I still pray for more.

I hold a diploma in travel agency management, a certificate in diplomatic events management, and I am currently studying theology with the Baptist Theological Seminary in Gweru. I worked as a travel consultant at FlyEzia Travel in Harare before honouring God’s call to fulltime ministry.

In 2018, I decided to answer God’s call to minister His gospel. That is when He laid in my heart the burden for the vulnerable giving me these verses: Psalm 8:5 and Psalm 146:9

I did not know how to start or do it.  I started writing to NGOs as a volunteer, but none answered. I am a member of Junior Chamber International in Zimbabwe under the JCI Capital Zimbabwe chapter, so I used the opportunity to get involved in projects that impacted the community and also dealt with the vulnerable. However, the burden did not fade away.

Somehow God started to bring women with challenges [and] children with different problems along my path. I remember one incident. I met a woman in the kombi whilst I was travelling to Battlefields where my brother was involved in a mine disaster in February 2019. The lady looked so troubled.

I managed to gather the confidence to ask her [about] the problem, only to find out that she was a victim of abuse. I assisted her in getting help from the Kadoma police. I had to hold on my journey for a while to assist her. That was it. I felt relieved and it was a confirmation that it was not about just getting involved in a project. I was the project!

I managed to open a trust that year which is called House of Abba Trust. However, it only started to function in November 2020, a year after. My biggest challenge was finance. I had left my job to be a fulltime student (pastor) as God had instructed. I had very limited funds and I was only getting enough to pay my fees and for food, nothing more. I could not start any project. However, in my struggles to finance the trust, I came in contact with Advocate Marara and Pastor Nick Ohizu’s teachings.

My take-home lesson was start from where you are and what you have. It did not make sense at first until I started to look around and ask myself, ‘What do I have?’ I started by giving out moral support to ladies in different situations [and] started to care for and nurse children with or without parents.

I work mostly with the community in Sanyati rural, but I’m not limited to this community. Currently, we have a case of Mom Lindie, a single mother of three whose home was [set on fire] with her and her children inside. This was a case of domestic violence where Lindie’s boyfriend asked for sex and she denied him, stating they should wait for proper formalities.

This did not sit well with the boyfriend as he thought she was cheating on him. He came in at night in [hopes of burning] Lindie and the suspected boyfriend. The case was reported and the man is still at large. Lindie managed to escape with her children, but she lost everything.

A woman who knows what she wants and said it, yet she lost everything. We need to protect women and the girl child. Imagine her two daughters who saw what happened hearing what caused the misunderstanding. It may in the future affect their decisions concerning men. They may feel intimidated and be afraid of facing the same predicament.

I started a chicken project (I used my father’s backyard for the fowl run) and I make petroleum jelly, dairy juice and syrup for resale. I also use these as part of donations to women and children in need. I ask for any donations and partnership from individuals, cooperates and the government. 

My advice to other women is to say no to abuse, liberate yourself, develop yourself, love others and be a sister’s keeper.


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    Mrs J.F. Mphiningo

    This is so touching mama Madhuve Chishongo may The Holy Spirit keep on strengthening you in this project I am so impressed Stay blessed thank you for everything you have taught us.

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