How This Counsellor is Empowering Her Clients to Successfully Handle Transitions

Many people struggle with the uncertainly that change brings. That fear can be quite gripping. Enter Tricia-Kay Williams – the force behind Metamorphose Counselling. As an experienced counsellor, she helps her clients successfully navigate new seasons in their lives.

By addressing trauma, anxiety and giving her clients the tools they need to work through relational issues, Tricia-Kay seeks to empower emerging adults, couples and families to live fully in the present and not let any unresolved issues interfere with their wellbeing.

Perhaps one of the reasons she is so effective in her work is because she has lived through her own trauma.

Tricia-Kay was born in Jamaica, grew up in a loving home and aspired to be a pediatrician. Raised with two brothers, she was a tomboy in every sense of the word and often got picked on as a result. Then, tragedy struck and left a gaping wound in her heart. She was sexually assaulted.

“The traumatic event that occurred during my teen years was devastating; not only to me, but to my entire family system,” Tricia-Kay told The Weight She Carries. “My parents separated soon after and I internalized this to be my fault.”

The person who violated Tricia-Kay was someone she trusted at the time. In the wake of the rape, she found herself suffering from low self-esteem and a negative sense of self. It would take several counselling sessions with a social worker to help Tricia-Kay begin to heal from the ordeal.

“During my own healing, I realized just how important past experiences impact and inform the present, and then dictate the future.”

Tricia-Kay Williams

Her parents went for couples’ therapy and were ultimately able to mend their marriage.

Meanwhile, in school, her dream of becoming a doctor steadily slipped away each semester. The sciences were not her strong suite; it seemed the arts were a better fit for her. An advisor recommended she pursue psychology after it became evident it was her best subject.

“I decided to give it a try and I fell in love with it. I recognized that I would be following my life passion of helping people, just in a different way,” she said. “I would be helping people to change their perspective. Rather than to heal the physical body, I would help to heal the human mind. I was excited.”

In 2005, Tricia-Kay, who lives in British Columbia, migrated to Canada along with her family and began to notice just how many families were falling apart. This awareness prompted her to delve deeper into the dynamics of relationships and why they break down.

After completing an undergraduate in psychology and a master’s in counselling psychology, Tricia-Kay decided to focus on working with individuals, couples and families going through a transition in their life. That was the birth of her private practice, Metamorphose Counselling, which she opened in January 2018.

“I help emerging adults identify their purpose, work through past trauma, and live in the present. I help couples identify how they can make their marriage and relationships last a lifetime through couples counselling and pre-marital counselling,” she said. “I help families manage conflict to co-parent after a separation. I also help couples transition to becoming new parents.”

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Establishing her practice presented an ocean of challenges and forced her to step outside her comfort zone and further into her purpose.

“I was scared of succeeding. I knew that there were people in need of what I wanted to provide and was worried that I would be in demand. I know that may seem counterintuitive, but I am the person who knows their potential but is scared to show it to others for fear of being seen.”

Tricia-Kay Williams

One of the biggest challenges she faces as an entrepreneur is wearing multiple hats, she said.

“I am an administrator, bookkeeper, accountant, consultant and service provider. It can be daunting, it’s a lot of work,” she said.

Despite a demanding schedule, she wouldn’t trade it for anything. A key component in successfully growing her practice has been learning to assess her strengths and outsource certain tasks where appropriate.

Tricia-Kay uses the Bowen Family System Approach, which is holistic and helps individuals identify patterns, values and beliefs that stem from their family of origin and the environment they were raised in.

“By assisting the client to come into awareness of these patterns, helping them to reduce their anxiety and create a balance between emotionality and cognition, it will potentially
allow for change to occur with the individual and hopefully, the larger family system,” she said.

An avenue she uses to normalize the challenges transitions bring is her YouTube channel, Meta Transitions, which features guests who share their experiences of navigating critical transitions in their lives.

“So many individuals feel isolated in their stories of transition. While everyone’s story is unique it’s important to share the similarities as a way to reduce the stigma of seeking help,” she said.

The nature of her work calls for her to be fully present and fully engaged with each client, and she recognizes the importance of putting her mask on first. To ensure she is serving her clients from a “full cup,” Tricia-Kay is intentional about self-care.

“I love Yoga (Yoga with Adriene), cooking food and hosting friends, hiking and exploring BC, taking a hot bath, getting mani-pedis and just laughing with my husband on date nights,” she said.

Another key is that she reserves one day of the week in which she does not work.

“This is my Sabbath, I just spend time with God and family,” she said. “I also take a vacation once or twice a year.”

This year, Tricia-Kay went on a road trip with her husband from British Columbia to Manitoba and spontaneously went for the weekend getaway to Tofino, BC at the end of summer.

“It was magical, relaxing, and it prepared me for service again in the fall,” she said.

To anyone going through a transition, Tricia-Kay emphasizes the following three points:

  1. This is normal – it’s supposed to be challenging and different.
  2.  Seek help – this can be from your support systems, educationally, socially or professionally.
  3. Practice self-care – this is so important, find things in your day-to-day to reduce anxiety. (meditation, mindfulness, a sport, eating healthy, yoga etc).

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