Dear Reader, Thank You…

With all the ups and downs this year, we want to take a moment to say an enormous “THANK YOU” to you, our loyal readers.

This year 199,503 of you came to our website to read our content. We appreciate all the shares, likes, comments and emails are truly grateful for your unwavering support.

Everything we do at TWSC is to inspire you and to reassure you that your story matters, that you are not alone in your pain, and that you have what it takes to push past barriers and live out your dreams.

We’re excited about some new ideas we will be rolling out in 2021. But as we plan our editorial content for the new year, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you would like to read more of on our platform in 2021!

Want more TWSC submissions, entrepreneurial journeys, healing journeys or video testimonials? Or maybe you want to hear more from experts on topics like emotional intelligence and wellness. Discussion forum, anyone?

Let us know below! Your feedback is invaluable to us. Thank you in advance!Oh, and while we have your attention, have a prosperous New Year, Sis!!

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