How This Woman Transformed Her Life and Found Her Purpose After Divorce

When her marriage fell apart seven years ago, Gloria F. Chivaenzi found herself broken and devastated. But in the midst of her pain, she chose to care for her body and value herself more. Today, she is on a mission to remind women, particularly single mothers, that they are precious and valuable. This is her story in her own words:

I am a 34-year-old single mom of two, Jayden and Jayda. I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe before moving to Dubai in 2014. I married at the age of 21 and I still had many expectations, many goals and aspirations that I abandoned.

I must say, I forgot myself after having babies and stopped looking after myself, which resulted in me gaining so much weight and getting depressed. In a bid to rejuvenate me, to find myself and peace, my late mother opened a door for me to travel to Dubai. During that time, things in my marriage were deteriorating, which then led to our divorce after seven years of marriage.

The divorce made me cut off some relationships because of that empty feeling in me. With all these things in my mind, I decided to change some things about myself, which was a big step towards getting where I am today.

I am currently working as a security guard (“Mahobho”) here in Dubai. I am the founder of GloMoments, Prayer Birthing Place, and iGloFitness. iGloFitness is a women’s weight loss and makeover platform which seeks to restore women from feeling worthless, unhealthy and inferior.

Sadly, in the body of Christ, we have women who are able to pray and move mountains, yet they neglect their outward look or their health status. Many have high blood pressure, diabetes, severe period pain, which I discovered through constant research for iGloFitness, that when one works out and watches how they eat, all these can be a thing of the past.

Personally, I struggled with self-confidence levels, but after my makeover, now I don’t struggle to fit in. Through the various conferences that I have shared for myself or as a guest, I feel that now I can stand up and represent myself at any level without feeling ashamed.

Many times. I was looked down upon because of my job as a security guard until I began to realize that people don’t respect the profession but what you bring with the profession. So, in a way, I went from being a weakness into a strength.

My goal is to reach a thousand women fit in Christ. Currently at iGloFitness, we have 45 women working on their bodies coached by me.

Being a single mother with a son and a daughter, I have realized that I am a mentor by default because my daughter sees who she wants to become in me, so I have a task to outdo the woman in the mirror.

My advice to other women is that, we are mentors to people we don’t even know no matter how small our impact, and we are here to give hope to the next generation. In June I started a movement to raise an awareness among the singles and single mothers that if you are divorced or have children out of wedlock, it does not reduce your value in the society.

We had an online conference called ‘Unodhura’ (you are precious). We had great speakers who came to alarm this truth to resonate it in women. We saw many women liberated and come to the full knowledge of who they are in Christ and in society.

Not only does our society look down upon women, the society is full of women who bring each other down too, and I am here to change the narrative. My goal is to pull, push and forward every woman I meet to the next level.

I was faced with body shaming and so much character assassination, but through it all, God has made a message out of a mess. And to whoever reads this, don’t be short-sighted by the present challenges. Better days are ahead.

The Bible says in John 8 that they brought a woman to Jesus after she had committed adultery. Their goal was to kill her; they had concluded for her. I don’t know, maybe you feel concluded for like the end is here because of failure in marriage or business, but hear me. She gets to Jesus, the giver of life. With a death sentence hanging over her head, Jesus says, “Begin here. Go and live. There is hope for you in the land of the living.”

As a woman, remember this: Unodhura (you are precious).


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  1. 1
    Rebecca Masiya

    I follow this woman in the Prayer birthing group as well as Iglo fitness group. She has brought change and hope to my life. Being a single mum she has made me realise that labels don’t matter but what i say to myself matters and what the word of God says about me matters. Keeping touching lives Gloria!

  2. 2

    Wow…. This is beautiful, and I am very blessed to be part of your journey to greatness sis Glo…. Indeed you are impacting many livws with your testimony…. God bless you and continue using you!!

  3. 4
    Cleopatra Chetsanga

    You are an inspiration to many single women who have been there but are struggling to pull out and shape a way forward. Your journey is a great experience and im grateful for all the teachings.. Unodhura Conference changed how I valued my life

    • 7

      I’m a humble member of IGLOFitness group. Coach Gloria you are an amazing woman who encourage others to believe in their selves.# If you gain it you can loose it.

  4. 8

    Wow you are such an inspiration and meeting you for only a day ddnt know you were a package , God’s very own sent to change lives May God bless and increase you in all aspects of your life and may you continue to impact ppls live , we need a generation like this

  5. 9

    Iglofitness by Gloria changed my life in more ways than I can explain. She is a true inspiration who challenged me to be my best self. She will push you hard yet cheer you on even harder. Even when I’m aching all over and wishing I was dead rather 🤣 I know I made the best choice possible by trusting her to get me through my fitness journey. Thank you! 🤗.

  6. 11

    Well done Gloria we celebrate you each day .Our inspopo (inspiration)lam a proud
    member of iGlofitness and we stand together and connect in prayer birthing place.Ichavanhoroondo.Keep on keeping on

  7. 14
    Yvonne Chingondi

    She is my inspiration, she birthed me to be a woman l am today. She taught me a lot. I respect her so much. Gloria Favour Chidavaenzi
    May God bless you woman of God. May you change stories. I love you so much.

  8. 15
    Evangelist Ndana Marume

    Glo you have impacted my life in many ways both physically (IGlofitness) and Spiritually (PBP). You are an inspiration to many women out there single; divorced; widowed or married; you have inspired all.
    Im really grateful to your selfless character and support. Be blessed my dearest😍😘😘👏👏👏👏

  9. 18

    Powerful role model this generation needs. Your story speaks volumes not just to single mothers but even to the married and leaders in the body of Christ. You are truly a great voice that inspired me when I need to value myself about the roles I had to fit in…thank you for your story and allowing God to use you Minister Gloria…
    Love Pastor Lynn..

  10. 19
    Tabeth Garikai Mandova

    Very inspirational my sister, thank you for sharing your story. We thank God for favouring you. I looooove you cc Glo…

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