I’m a Warrior And Have the Scars to Prove It

Nobody is born with scars. These are things that happen during our lifetime and are a clear indication of what we have survived. They tell a story. A story that we are stronger than our pain.

The most significant scar l bear is the one from my cesarean section. It looks more like a lopsided smile, really. I cringe each time l look at it because labour pains are…well l have no words to describe it.

Under my right knee are two relics. The more prominent one occurred on a beautiful afternoon as I was, for the life of me, trying to mimic Serena Williams in all her glory. I really believe a little girl’s dream of being a tennis player was shattered on that day because l never again picked up the stick I was using as a racket due to fear of getting cut again. 

The less prominent relic reminds me of a disciplinarian, a man who gave of himself to everyone in need: my grandfather. May his soul rest in peace. He pulled me by the ear and ordered me to learn how to ride his mountain bike! I tried every trick to get out of it, but every afternoon l had to go through my daily training, hence the scar. You would think this would have deterred the old man but no, he was unrelenting until l finally grasped the concept. In no time, l was the errand girl cruising the rough terrain of Mazvihwa, Zimbabwe. *Chuckle* I miss that man.

I cannot really classify myself as a bully or a victim of bullying, maybe a bit of a motor mouth. My right lower arm has a small relic that leaves me in stitches for it happened when l fought a boy over a writing desk back in school. On that day, girl power was exercised to the fullest and l have the scar to prove it!

No living person can tell me how I obtained the ugly one on top of my hand. All l can do is wonder. What sticks with me is knowing l survived whatever it is that happened.

I could go on and on about the gashes and bruises all over my body just trying to emphasize that scars are symbolic. They are significant reminders of what we have fought and overcome. As each scar comes by, we are made stronger and more resilient.

Collectively these relics, as l love to call them, somehow form the basis of who we are, of how stretched we can be by pain and still live to tell the tale. To every scar-laden woman, you are a WARRIOR and you have scars to prove it.

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