Meet Providence Moyo: Founder of Divine Pro

Providence Moyo describes herself as a Bulawayo-based entrepreneur, Christian and mother of two. Her business ventures include nutritional food and beverage manufacturing, and she sits on the board of Divine Pro Foundation, which seeks to change the lives of orphans, vulnerable women and youth.

We reached out to Providence to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

What profession were you in, what made you sacrifice it and what was that journey like?

My journey started in 2014 when I realized the need for skincare products in the market. I also noticed we are surrounded by nature that could be used as raw materials.

The journey was not an easy one as I had to leave my profession as a teacher in South Africa to venture into business. There was a lot of risk and uncertainty which came with leaving a good, stable job to start a new business. But I am glad I followed my dream and did not give up.

Tell us more about Divine Pro Skin Care.

This is a company which manufactures cosmetics and organic juices that are derived from indigenous plants. Its main focus is on skin and healthcare products that are sourced locally. Divine Pro has created a niche for itself through value addition of wild fruits to produce organic juices and skin care products. Wild fruits which are being used include marula and baobab. We get our raw materials from different locations in Zimbabwe, including Hwange, Binga, Plumtree and Lupane.

We’ve received 32 accolades and awards including:

  • Enterprising Woman of the Year
  • Iconic Woman of the Year 2022
  • Enterprising Woman of the Year
  • Business Strategist and Business Woman of the Year

What is the Divine Pro Foundation and what motivated you to venture in it?

I have a passion for women empowerment. This foundation is meant to uplift other women. I have engaged with women from all over the world, for example, when I was invited to Ghana for a speaking session. I work with women from underprivileged backgrounds and the rural areas through mentoring and helping them to reach their goals.

The foundation also supports youth and orphans. These are empowered with life skills. The organization has worked with different individuals and organizations which have worked with the underprivileged, for example, the Mustard Seed Community.

I believe the foundation envisions a future where obstacles are changed into possibilities and dreams.

What is the advice you can give to other women?

  1. God is the center of everything. Be prayerful.
  2. Never be afraid of following your dream.
  3. Always be open to learning. I do not stop learning and have attained different certifications, which is an advantage both personally and at a business level. This is evidenced by my attendance of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) in 2016.
  4. When in business, it is not advisable to rely on one product. When you diversify, there is a greater chance of growth and more opportunities.

You can find Providence on:

Facebook: Divine-Pro Skin Care and Therapy
Divine Pro Skincare & Haircare
Divine Pro Foundation
Instagram: @divineproskincare

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