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Margaret Chideme has turned her love for writing into a collection of poems based on her life. We wanted to learn more about her blog, Maggie’s Diary, and the inspiration behind her book First Thirty. So we asked Margaret to tell us who she is in her own words.

Who is Margaret?

I am a mom to an 8-year-old little girl. I am also a businesswoman. I love to read and enjoy good food. I have a curious heart.

Tell us more about Maggie’s Diary and the inspiration behind it.

Maggie’s Diary is a blog I consider it to be home for me. It’s a place that serves me as much as it serves the reader. I’m grounded in my truth when I write there. I write about life’s truths according to my perception. It’s filled with memories about my childhood and my ideologies on love, life and identity.

Tell us about First Thirty. Is there anything about your life story that is described in the book?

First Thirty is literally my life story. All the poems are very personal and most are about my experiences and the experiences of those close to me. First Thirty is a poetry collection about love and lust, pain and abuse, womanhood, divorce, searching and rediscovery. The poems speak of the different phases in a woman’s life, her most raw inner thoughts, and it also pays tribute to people who have been instrumental in my life.

I have been all the women spoken of in the book. I am the mother, the daughter, the friend, the dreamer, the one in love and lust, the wife, the one divorced, the one marginalized by society with insecurities and struggles as a woman playing all these different roles.

The idea of me publishing this book was to both face my own shame and darkness as well as celebrate my light and strengths. It’s a completely raw, uncensored journey of a woman that hopes to give women permission to unfold as they are, strong and weak, in their different stages in life. It fosters self-acceptance and self-love, awareness and introspection. It’s a story that every woman can relate to and every men can get insight from.

What inspires you to do the work you do?

Writing is part of my DNA. It’s something I feel I was born to do. So anything in life serves as inspiration for me, especially issues that I feel are often shunned or things people don’t give the time to explore fully. That is what I like to write about. I like to dig deep into situations and write about them.

Who is your support system?

My support system is my family and friends. Everyone who really loves and knows me gives me the strength I need to have the confidence to write. I know no matter how crazy and honest I am in my writing, they will always be there. My mom is one of the biggest support systems in my life. Growing up, she never stifled me or my siblings. We have always been allowed to express ourselves freely, and that is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their child. When you know you are loved unconditionally, you truly can fly.

What do you do on bad days and on happy, successful days?

I indulge in a lot of sugar on a bad day. I also appreciate a hug, a good talk with a friend on such days and trash TV where my brain won’t have to work. On a good day, I’m focused and life flows smoothly. I’m my most productive on good days. I meditate, exercise and eat really well on a good day. Depending on how good it is, if it calls for a celebration, I would go and turn up.

You can connect with Margaret via:

SoundCloud: Margaret Chideme -The Author
Facebook: Margaret Chideme The Author
Instagram: @margaretchideme
TikTok: @margaretchideme

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