Meet Three-time Author Audrey Chirenje

Who is Audrey?

I am an author of three published books to date: “Life Will Humble You,” “Chances” and “Appearances or Not.” In my day job, I work as a head office hardware buyer for a chain wholesaler.

I am a single parent to three amazing girls. I am a Christian, and I attend Celebration Church. I come from Chihota, and I grew up in Avondale West. I attended Avondale Junior School and then Waddilove Primary and then Waddilove High School up to A-level. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing degree with the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM-SA). I am an ambitious introvert, a realist, and I am on a journey of learning and unlearning.

Tell us more about your books. What motivated you to write them?

“Life Will Humble You” [LWHY] talks about Ronda, a woman thrown out of her matrimonial home for failing to conceive. She now has to navigate through life with all the challenges that come her way. The miracle is she was pregnant then and didn’t even know it. She meets Riko, an unorthodox man who pledges to love her, issues and all. They have society against them, but with faith, they prevail.

“Chances” is a spinoff [of] LWHY. Ropa enters the scene. She has had all sorts of issues with relationships in her life, but while acting out and living on the edge, she meets Ralph, and they go on a journey filled with action and thrilling moments. They were given a final chance from above.

In “Appearances or Not,” Glen Norah, represented by Farai, meets The Grange with Margot unassumingly flexing her wealth. Worlds totally apart, will they make it?

What motivated me to write them is I have always been inquisitive, and I question things. My characters are people with issues – the one thing society acts like doesn’t exist. It wants perfection. I am questioning norms. I am throwing in new perspectives. Ultimately, I am pleading with people to judge less, to allow God to be God. I obviously am a hopeless romantic, so I knit all this in my fictional contemporary stories.

How do you manage your day-to-day business, writing, motherhood and full-time employment?

The writing isn’t too hectic as it’s usually in the night or during weekends. It’s the other aspects related to it that’s hectic. I am a single parent, so most of the time it’s eyes on me. We have a teamwork setup with the girls, and we now understand that every team member must step up so that our family ultimately wins. So everyone helps when there is need.

Lately, I have learnt though that boundaries have to be set, and I have to say no to some invitations. My job is very hectic as well because of the environment, but at least I don’t work weekends, so I am able to clearly separate that aspect of my life. I am structured in my approach to everything, and the passion takes over in those moments when I am weak.

What keeps you going on tough days?

The reason why I started this writing career keeps me going when it gets overwhelming. My faith in God – He is strong when I am weak. My girls – they encourage me, and they cheer me on. My friends, family and now my readers cheer me on.

What challenges did you encounter in your writing journey?

Challenges will always be there, I believe, and we must just work around them and press towards the goal. One of the challenges I have encountered is that people won’t deliver on what they promised to; they simply change the goalposts. Finance is an issue as I need to always have stock of my books, and there are also other related expenses.

Some people have changed their expectations of me. I am now supposed to be ‘Superwoman’ on so many levels. I remain the person I was, still trying to work, hustle and feed my kids.

Considering you have a strong bond with your sisters, what would you say is the relevance of sisterhood in regard to business?

We are encouraged to be our sister’s keeper. This term now encompasses my kids (they are girls), my own family, friends, ladies from church, those in the industry and readers. Your next purchase will come from this circle, the networking. My last two book signings were organised and paid for by some of these sisters. It’s a whole vibe and revolution. Girl power all the way.

What is your advice to women who want to venture in your line of business?

They should continue believing in their dream. They must read a lot of books from different genres and have an open mind. They must embrace their uniqueness…versus being the next great name of another author. They have a name; they must be that. Most importantly, they must start and write and write some more until they have something ready for editing by a professional editor. They must network and be ready to engage with people in general.

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