TWSC Series: Footprints of a Survivor – My Growth

Footprints of a Survivor is a column written by Kim Mukwa, a survivor of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Each week, she reveals the layers of pain she lived through, the damage it caused and the steps she is taking to heal emotionally.

Personal growth to me means understanding who you are and what you are all about; taking small steps towards becoming the best version of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and even socially.

Growing physically in years in most cases does not necessarily translate to growing on a personal level.
Taking time to yourself and really pondering on who you are and what you desire to achieve is quite important in building a healthy you and healthy relationships with others.

Finding my voice

As l have mentioned before, l was an emotional mess growing up. I couldn’t voice my opinions and would rather cry or just build up walls around me. But today even though I’m a work in progress, l am able to openly voice my opinions — maybe a little too much sometimes — but it’s liberating!!

Self love is another aspect of my life that l have had to develop. Having suffered rejection, a book l read asked how could you possibly love another being if you don’t love yourself first. It hit the core of my being right there. Before l just felt like an eternal overweight glider in life, now l accept that that’s how l am built — keeping in mind that l have to be healthy and change some habits. Believe me, once l began loving parts of myself that others had taught me to hate, more love has come my way over the years.

Overcoming the fear of rejection

Oh my gosh! In times past, l rejected you before you rejected me. Rejection devastated me, still does sometimes, but now l take it in my stride and have understood that good things come to those who wait.

Truthfully l am still a long way off from achieving my set goals and targets in every area of my life, but l know that little by little, day by day, like a tree planted by streams of water that bears fruit at its required season, l am growing into a beautiful, intelligent and crazy version of who l am meant to be.

Girls, let’s bloom where we are planted. Let’s grow, grow. grow!

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