My Pain is my Powerhouse

African woman cryingI constantly seem questionable each time I talk of pain as my source of inspiration. Some feel I have no idea what I am talking about, while others feel I am still young and I lack enough life experience. Hence, I get this question a lot: “What do you know about pain? Aren’t you too young?”

I am not a stranger to pain. I have felt it, experienced it, seen it and I choose not to hide my experience in a box.

I know what losing a loved one feels like; I lost my sister and best friend. I know what rejection looks like because I have been rejected before mainly because of my physical appearance and the many problems that surrounded my life then.

I know  how lonely it gets when you are isolated because of your beliefs – I was once fired because of my beliefs.

I know the fight you have to put on even when doctors feel and think otherwise – I was once declared a moving grave. I took care of a chronically ill sister up to her point of death. I saw her pain, I felt it and I understood it, you name it. BUT I am still standing and my smile gets wider each day.

You probably cannot tell simply because I do not look like what I have been through. You cannot prove my authenticity by what you see neither can you prove that I am inauthentic just because you cannot see my pain or scars.

The broken heart, broken dreams, broken vessel I am, have all worked together to shape me into the woman I am today. Hence, I do not despise pain, I embrace it. I cry when it hurts and I move on!

In the end, you are as strong as the tears you have shed. When it hurts, cry out but remember to gather yourself afterwards and move on! Embrace that pain, it could be someone else’s source of strength.

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