My Weight Loss Journey – Getting Started

By October 2016, I had made the decision that I was going to work on my weight but getting started was a different story altogether. It took me two good months to get the plan in motion, so my weight loss journey didn’t officially begin until January. I promised myself I wasn’t going to rush into anything that I did not fully understand, so I needed time to get to that stage.

I knew I had to get started but I had no idea where to start. I had tried before but failed and gave up along the way, so I was confused about where I was getting it wrong.

A part of me had come to the conclusion that this would be a waste of time altogether, but then again, a part of me remembered my doctor’s words, “Shami, I am not telling you what to do with your life, but if you really love your life and if you want to save your parents from these medical bills, then do something about your weight.”

The choice was simple from that point. Life would be a lot easier for everyone if I took heed of the doctor’s advice.

I realized that all along I had started the journey on the wrong footing. All along I was concerned with pleasing everyone and measuring up to society’s standard of beauty. It was easy to give up because that was not my personal conviction – it was just external pressure. After all, I was loved the way I was and I loved myself. To me, that was evidence that I was already beautiful and that was all that really mattered. As a result, I had no motivation, no goal and no plan. Basically, I had no direction.

So this time around I made sure to build a solid foundation. My health became my motivation and I was determined to get good results. I understood my situation better than anyone and I was ready to fight for a better life. This is how the journey became my dream.

It took me the whole of October through December to outline my goals and determine that I was going to stick to my plan. Without this, I was not going to succeed. Not having a plan is why I always failed in the past.

I remember planning my meals for a whole month, scheduling specific workout sessions on my calendar. I even went to the extreme of clearing my wardrobe – getting rid of all my clothes and buying smaller sizes even before I started so that I could push myself to the very end.

I had no idea if I was going to pull through it but it felt right and I was proud of myself. This is how I knew I was ready to get started and I was never going to give up. My journey is proof that I was right after all, and I am still going strong.

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