Nomalanga: The Game Changer and Passionate Entrepreneur

Women are an important part of life, society and in individuals’ lives at large. One person once said, “You give a woman a house, and she turns it into a home.” I believe if you give a woman an idea, she turns it into a business. Meet Nomalanga “Noma” Ncube AKA Working Girl.

Nomalanga is an entrepreneur who started her journey in January 2015. She is the MD and founder of Working Girl (Pvt), a company that owns WG Guest Villas Lodge and Working Girl Events, a catering company. Noma also founded the WG Foundation in April 2018. The foundation is an NGO which helps women start their businesses. Noma is also a success coach and business consultant.

Noma’s inspiration comes from within her. She stated that she felt something inside her pushed her to do more than to be formally employed, and she wanted to earn more than she had. Noma’s motivation for her two initiatives WG Foundation and Success Talk with Noma is to empower other women economically.

Despite this calling, her greatest fear was leaving her comfortable NGO job.

She did not have any experience, which led to the demise of her two businesses, a restaurant and boutique, that she had started in 2010. This happened even though she had graduated top of her class with a Master’s in Business Administration.

Noma is more experienced in success coaching and that is the area, even at start-up level, that she had more experience in. After years in business, her coaching business is now more orderly and monetised. Furthermore, this is her passion and it has enabled her to use her spiritual gift of exhortation.

In response to the question of what some of her biggest challenges were before and while she built her business vs. now, she stated:

“My biggest challenge was starting with zero knowledge, not knowing any networks and a poor business mindset.”

She found the following helpful in overcoming these challenges: wide reading, meeting other women on the road to success, joining business women associations, having a vision, seeking her purpose in life, and spiritual maturity (getting to know Christ and living by the Word).

Noma stated that “contentment, gratitude, and enjoying the now, the journey and the promises of God” keep her going on when she encounters tough days.

When asked what she considered to be some keys to her success, she responded, “Believing I can succeed, clearing my subconscious mind of poverty stuff, belief that Christ lives inside of me and He wants me to succeed, and understanding my purpose and God’s plan for my life.”

Noma’s final words for women for women who want to pursue their passion is simply: “Start now with what you have.”

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: Nomalanga Ncube 
Twitter: Success Talk with Noma (@nomancube2011)
Instagram: @successtalkwithnoma
YouTube: Success Talk with Noma TV


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  1. 2
    Sibo Hlabangana

    I love when women doing great things are celebrated and this is a beautiful example of that. Thank you Tafadzwa for taking the time to share Noma’s story and thank you Noma for living your life in a way that shows us we can do anything!

  2. 3
    Rachel Mafandizvo

    Reading,association,vision,seeking purpose and spiritual maturity……*NOTED*

    Thank you Tafadzwa… inspired

  3. 4
    Zipho Ndebele

    Thank you Noma for inspiring many people and I am one of them. I will come to you for coaching in starting and running a successful business.

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