Readers’ Choice: The 5 Most-read TWSC Stories of 2021

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We’re just hours away from 2022, and we cannot wait to ring in the new year! We’ve got big plans for TWSC in the new year, and continuing to bring you content showcasing extraordinary women who have decided to rewrite their stories with God’s help is definitely our goal.

We want to thank you, our loyal readers, for reading our content and allowing us to be a part of your 2021. To all of the women who shared your stories this year, we are tremendously grateful to you because your stories have lifted us from sunken places and given us permission to believe again. By seeing your strength, we have been reminded that all things are possible. Thank you for being brave enough to show us your scars. Thank you for trusting us with your stories.

We wanted to reflect on the past year and bring you the 5 most-read stories of 2021.

5. Finding Love as a Single Mom of 5 After an Abusive Marriage

Caroline Gulubani’s first marriage was filled with abuse. One day, she found the courage to leave and never looked back. Her story reminds us that love can find us a second time around. Thank you so much Caroline for bearing your heart with us.

4. Beauty for Ashes: How Terry Gobanga Found Healing and Love Again After Tragedy

This story was gut-wrenching. Terry Gobanga was brutally assaulted the morning of her wedding and left for dead. She survived miraculously but was advised that she would not be able to bear children. She spent an extensive time in the hospital recovering and went on to marry her first husband. These was more tragedy in her future but long story short, she has two beautiful children today. You are such an inspiration to us all, Terry!

3. Re-loving My Body After Alcoholism

Caroline Kagia shared her candid story of learning to love herself again after struggling with an alcohol addiction. When we published her story earlier this month, it went viral. Caroline’s transparency is so courageous and I can’t wait for her to share more of her story in the coming weeks. We are rooting for you, Caroline!

2. Embracing my Journey as an Endo Warrior

This story was submitted by Coreen Madanha whom I went to high school with. By opening up about her experience with endometriosis and fertility struggles, she touched the hearts of thousands of readers. Many shared in the comments just how much her story meant to them. Thank you Coreen for your bravery!

1. Finding Herself After Abuse, Teen Pregnancies and a Failed Marriage: How Patience Tarumbwa Managed to Rise Again

Patience Tarumbwa experienced sexual abuse as a child and became a teen mother. By the age of 19, she had two children. When the relationship deteriorated, she returned to her father’s house ashamed. She thought that was her rock bottom but it wasn’t. That moment came when she found herself married and divorced in the 20s with four young children to fend for. But she rose from that dark place.

Today she is the vice secretary-general of Zimbabwe Youths in ICT and a member of The Zim Rights in addition to being a motivational speaker and team builder facilitator. She is also the founder of Gemstone International Foundation for Transformation G.I.F.T. and director of Tanzanite Pvt Ltd. Go Patience!

Happy New Year from us at TWSC!

May 2022 bring you continued healing and an abundance of God’s grace.

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