SMSKE to Host September Forum to Empower Single Mothers

Single Mum Support Kenya (SMSKE) will be hosting its first forum this Saturday.

The event, which aims to empower single mothers and connect them to a network of support, will feature dynamic speakers with powerful points to share with attendees.

SMSKE Founder Shiko Kamiri (Wanjiku) is a mother of two and was inspired to start SMSKE two years ago.

“Single parenting is very demanding,” Shiko told The Weight She Carries. “A single mother covers more ground with fewer resources, and this literally leaves single mums drained mentally, emotionally and economically. It is our hope that the SMSKE forums will serve as a catalyst to form and strengthen Single Mom Networks all over the country, giving mums much needed support in growing economically and finding support emotionally through friendships and partnerships forged during our forums.”

Passionate about women, Shiko has been involved in numerous causes touching on women and moms. She also is passionate about empowerment, which inspired her to launch Mom-Boss-CEO, a YouTube channel inspiring women entrepreneurs.

Shiko added that her vision for the September Forum is for it to be a place where single mothers feel revived and refreshed, and where they can forge lasting friendships so they never have to walk alone.

“Our online forum has been in existence for two years. When “The Weight She Carries” wrote our story for the first time, SMSKE was just a Facebook page intent on making a difference, one single mum at a time,” she said.

The support forum has grown since then and has reached people across Kenya and beyond, Shiko said.

Planning the forum has been a pleasant experience with tremendous support from donors and many others in the community.

“We have amazing, insightful, inspirational and dynamic speakers who we know without a doubt will impart encouragement and uplifting discussions. Most of our speakers have either been through a life changing experience as a single parent or have worked closely with this group of women,” she said.

Meet the lineup of speakers:

Faith Kerubo, Co-Founder of Single Mom Support Kenya SMSKE. She is a proud mother of one beautiful daughter, and is passionate about the empowerment of single mothers. Faith works tirelessly in researching, planning and implementing programs that are geared towards empowerment of SMSKE Moms.

Njeri Kimani is the MC for the event. “My name is Njeri Kimani, a mother of one, an emcee, fashion judge, model, teacher by profession, a mentor and a mental health advocate. I like dancing, reading, watching movies and road trips. I am also the founder of Self-love International where we emphasize on optimism with happiness and enlightenment.

Ronni Waithaka is a Divine Coach who works with individuals seeking to find their authentic selves and connect with their divine purpose.

Phil Anyango is an entrepreneur and an author of a memoir Fighter. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Maseno University and a Bachelors degree in BCom from University of Nairobi. She is passionate about empowering young women and girls to pursue their God-given dreams while staying in healthy relationship. She runs a personal blog where talks about matters to do with relationships.

Florence Muthoni will be sharing her story at the event. “I am 27 years old and a single mother of two beautiful children. My interest in the SMSKE is to inspire young single mothers into becoming the best versions of themselves and using the hardships of being a single mother as stepping stones to elevation. My other interest is to network and learn from other single mothers that have been through similar or near similar experiences as mine, queens uplifting queens.”

Sylvia Njeru will also be sharing her story. “A woman who [had] a baby at 19 and against all odds made it even after getting postnatal depression and almost killing her daughter. “

Celine Njoki is a mother of three – two boys and a girl. She will be sharing her story of surviving severe trauma. Despite what she has been through, she continues to be a light to other women and single mothers in particular, empowering them to break free from the chains that threaten to hold them back. She is a mentor, speaker and a contributor to The Weight She Carries.

Diana Chepkosgei is a qualified psychologist with 3 years’ experience in the mental health care industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Moi University. Diana is certified by the Kenya Counselling and Psychologists Association. Diana is also certified by Kenya Association of Professional Counselors in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a NASCOP Accredited HIV Testing and Counselling Provider. Diana is passionate about offering support, empowering and psycho educating clients with the relevant knowledge that they need to navigate issues of life. She is specifically experienced in medical counselling, perinatal and postnatal mental health counselling, trauma counselling, grief counselling, psychotherapy, family and adolescent therapy.

Samuel Murage is the Founder and CEO Dress to Impress (DTI )Group. He is also National Image Consultant Award Winner 2019, USA, Peace Ambassador Image Consultant. Dress to Impress Group is an Image Consulting firm specializing in helping individuals and organisations develop a strong brand identity  through  World Class Image Development & Management,  Effective Presentation & Public Speaking skills trainings.

He has also partnered with Global Missions Outreach in mobilizing clothing donations for needy families   across the country. Murage has been featured in different media houses in Kenya like K24, Switch TV, Ebru TV, Metropol TV and Y254 TV channels.

His favourite quote- “Clothes makes a man” – Nelson Mandela

Shiko hopes attendees will leave the event with their lives refreshed and their hopes renewed.

“Attendees can also expect to forge new, meaningful friendships and networks that will impact their lives as moms and women,” she added.

Readers can support the event by sponsoring an attendee or sponsoring the event by sending payment to Mpesa Till Number is 858224.

“When we support single parents, we’re actually bettering the lives of their children,” Shiko said.

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