The Force Behind Miss Twin Sisters

Photo provided by Rutendo & Rumbidzai Taruvinga

Twins Rutendo Yolanda and Rumbidzai Olinda Taruvinga grew up in a high density suburb called Budiriro in Harare, Zimbabwe. Although they later moved to Westgate, the twins consider Budiriro home. Through their pageant, Miss Twin Sisters, they intend to expand our pageantry services to include sports, educational moments and talk shows and hope to become a reputable national brand.

What was your childhood like?

Just like many other children, we grew up, went to school, and we played sport (basketball). But deep inside us, we always told ourselves that we are going to be world changers…destined for greatness!

We grew up trusting in God to fulfil His will and purpose for our lives. And we will always trust in God for guidance and protection over everything that we may plan or think of. What we went through in our lives growing up taught us a lot about life, and it made us mature at a very young age. We’ve been through thick and thin, and having each other sometimes reminds us that God made us twins because he knew that if He had made us one, neither of us would survive without each other.

What drew you to modelling?

We grew up knowing and admiring models like Mary Mubaiwa, Jackie Ngarande, Pokello Nare, just to mention a few. We always wanted to be a part of the modelling industry, but being young and naïve, we did not know how to go about it. But we would always watch these ladies moving on ZBC TV, until one day, when we met a friend who knew a friend who was looking for twins to participate in her modelling pageant. Hearing about this opportunity for both of us, made us believe that our dream was coming true.

Us venturing into the modelling industry broadened our view on how we wanted to pursue our goals. Being models has opened doors for us to meet prominent people who are not accessible to the average person. All this was successful because God was in it.

What is your mission?

We have grown to be loving, bold and determined young ladies who have always wanted to be role models for the next generation. Building ourselves has become our everyday rule and hustle because we have always wished to help the vulnerable nationwide, and we are working hard to build an empire and legacy for twins in Zimbabwe. Being twins has been the best thing we have experienced in our lives.

Being the Twin Queens, we have met a lot of different twins, and meeting each and every single pair has given us room to analyze every aspect of living dual lives in a family as well as in a community.

We may not have enough, but we can promise the twins in Zimbabwe at large that we are going to try to assist each and every single vulnerable pair of twins in this country. If this requires us working hard to feed others, that’s what we will do! We believe in working to gain, not through awful means, but working hard to attain something. We believe in a higher power, and through Him, all this shall be possible!

Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses and how these complement each other to form a strong team.

We have always been together and have bonded ever since we were in our mother’s womb, so it has always been difficult for us to be apart. In school, teachers tried to separate us, but they could not because they realized that we are each other’s oxygen.

We share everything that we have. Having each other has always been our strength and we are inseparable. Knowing that your other half is not with you or anywhere around, has literally made us sick; so we realize that not only are we identical, but we are one.

Like all twins, if you provoke one of us, be prepared for the both of us.

What motivated you to be part of the pageant? Has it been your dream as a set, or was it one’s influence?

We have always wanted to be models, albeit it took us long. We were so passionate about twins’ talents, and when we entered into the pageantry, it made us realize that twins are unique people in the world, so we are here to create a platform for them to unleash their talents and showcase them.

Tell us more about Miss Twin Sisters.

Miss Twin Sisters was founded by us in 2021. It is a beauty pageant that focuses on empowering twin girls in Zimbabwe, who were once denied the right to education and seen as taboo. This is a beauty pageant that is diversified in quite a number of categories such as modelling, brand ambassadors, documentary filming, sport competition, beauty competition and TV talk shows specifically for twins.

This initiative was founded to recognize and unleash the uniqueness of twin talents and oneness (bond). In history, twins were seen as a disadvantage and would be killed — either one or both of them.

The twins pageant accommodates all age groups as long they are twins.

Responding to the growing demand for entertainment in Zimbabwe, Miss Twin Sisters has evolved into a full-service beauty pageant, establishing itself as a tender in the beauty pageant industry. Located in Harare, Zimbabwe, we are a corporation driven by the excellence and backed by the experience of a competent team of experts. Having five years of experience in the beauty pageant industry, our expertise will enable Miss Twin Sisters to compete favourably in the industry, driven by intense competition.

We intend to expand our pageantry services to include sports, educational moments and talk shows. As a new business, we are not limiting our business activities to Harare only. Our drive is to become a reputable national brand. This will involve a lot of work, and we are equal to the task. Within a decade, we plan on having a visible presence in all cities.

Advice to other women in our line of business:

Ladies, remember everything takes time. Let’s keep on keeping on pushing and connecting with other women in our industries and who are entrepreneurs for broader opportunities. Believe and be confident in yourself and what you are doing. Do not let anyone look down upon you.

No matter how small your business may be, never look down upon it, for you will attract a very great downfall and place limits in your life. Don’t let impostor syndrome hold you back. There are so many platforms for empowering women in business. Kindly join those initiatives, and you will be supported. Don’t lose yourself or who you are for any reason.

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