These Eyes

They’re brown and ordinary, but if you pay close attention you’ll see much more.

Behind every gaze is a story. Deep in my soul is a dominant emotion. An emotion that can only be revealed through my eyes. Look into these eyes and they will inform you.  They reflect my soul. They will tell you so much about me in this moment – more than I had hoped to reveal. Though my lips deceive you with a smile, my eyes will never lie.

These eyes are priceless. They are sharp and highly skilled. They can glance at words on a page and make sense of them. They diligently observe the world around me, taking note of both the pleasant and the detestable.

When my heart is heavy and my emotions overpower me. When all the words in my vocabulary fail to fully express the fragile state of my being, these eyes, these precious eyes gather up the hurt and pain in my heart and sum it all up in a teardrop. My eyes battle with my pride to let that first tear escape. You see, my pride loves to pretend that all is well. A condition that is rarely a reality. Thank God for my eyes because they override my pride and open the door for healing.

I can dress them up with shadow and mascara. Or even go all fancy with some lashes and a fierce cat eye, but all the makeup in the world can’t mask emotions.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”obLee” via=”no” ]You see, if it we up to me you would never know my pain. I would continue to deceive you into thinking that all is well. But these eyes won’t let me – they betray me for my own good.[/ctt]


These eyes may not shine like the stars or dazzle with beauty. They may not be worthy of compliments or praise. They may not be the cat’s meow, but they have served me well.

I cannot control them – why would I want to? They see what they see. I cannot hide behind them – what good would that be? They reveal the truth and display my authentic emotions as they rise. These eyes are the window to my soul. They observe, they inform, but most importantly, they cry.


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    Grasy Kithinji

    When my heart is heavy and all my words in vocabulary cannot explain my fragile state of being.. These eyes… These precious eyes…..
    I love the poetry flow in your article..
    Kindly Where do you host your conferences?

    • 4
      Vimbai E. Chikomo

      Hi Grasy, thanks for commenting! We’re glad you enjoyed this piece. You can never go wrong when you write from the heart. Thanks for the support!

      I’ll be speaking at a conference in Ohio, USA, in February, but The Weight She Carries will begin organizing conferences in Canada in the near future, and expanding internationally based on demand. Where are you located?

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