This Woman’s Story is a Reminder that You are Never ‘Too Damaged’ to be Loved

l cannot say l have [fully] overcome, but my turning point was when l started knowing God. It took a lot of prayers, counselling, and from then on, there was a kind of peace l cannot explain in my heart.

Hanna Stone

One of our most-read stories of 2020 was that of Hanna Stone – a woman who lost her father at the age of eight and was taken in by an uncle whose wife was cruel to young Hanna.

Her teenage years were filled with their own tragedy. Hanna was sexually assaulted and forced to marry her abuser when it was discovered that she was pregnant. By the time she was 23, Hanna had four small children and lived in fear of her life.

Eventually she found the strength the leave and began rebuilding her life. The beauty of Hannah story is that she was able to break free from the chains of domestic violence, and when she chose to give her life over to God, her healing begin. In time, she found love.

Hanna’s story gives hope to every single mother who believes she is too damaged to be loved. You’re not.

Read Hanna’s story below and share it with someone who needs to be encouraged.


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