Waiting During Unfruitful Seasons

The term “barrenness” is the state of being unproductive, infertile and even unprofitable, depending on how one wants to utilize the word. It is associated with pain, anger, humiliation as well as mental anguish to say the least.

The Bible documents women of varying ages who, at some point, experienced infertility first hand. Only divine intervention got these women pregnant. What’s interesting to note is that these periods of childlessness always brought forth greatness that wiped out previous feelings of failure and pain.

Sarah in her old age scoffed at the prophecy that she would bear a child, but in less than a year, she gave birth to Isaac! Little did Hannah know that God Himself had closed her womb because the time was not right yet for Samuel, a prophet and the last judge of Israel, to be born. Elizabeth was advanced in age when she bore John the Baptist, he who paved the way for Jesus! Rachel, a rival to her sister, had to endure her sister bearing children year after year until her time came to give birth to Joseph, the dreamer who saved Israel from starvation.

Even though Sarah and Rachel decided to take matters into their own hands by offering their maidservants as surrogates, this did not work out. Self-sufficiency and moving according to our own timetables move us out of God’s timing, causing frustration and confusion.

What all this teaches is that one should wait for God’s correct time with patient endurance, steadfastness and courage to trust that seasons of barrenness shall pass. Since He is the ancient of days and a day is a thousand years and a thousand years a day to Him, we know that the only alternative is to wait for the right time.

Psalm 27:14 – “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” (ESV)

The above Scripture emphasizes how one ought to take heart whilst waiting because the world in its carnality will want to derail God’s set and perfect time.

Dear reader, whatever barrenness or unfruitfulness you are faced with at this time shall pass.

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    How I pray that I may continue to be steadfast in the Lord in this season of unfruitfulnes…to continue fixing my eyes on Him despite the hopelessness around..Thank You for the word

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