15 Fun Annoying Facts About Aunt Flo

Alright, so we all have that one visitor who comes and terrorizes us each month. No one likes her but that never deters her. Sometimes she’s early, sometimes she’s late, but one thing is certain: she always shows up one way or another (unless something’s baking).

As a courtesy, she usually announces her intended visit shortly before she arrives, but that is of little consolation to most.

Anyway, we thought we would highlight her today and share some fun annoying facts about dreaded Aunt Flo.

1. If you have long and/or irregular periods, sleeping with a night light for a few days during the last two weeks of your cycle can help regulate your cycle.

This is because the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep, also controls the release of the female reproductive hormones that regulate when your cycle starts and ends. A study tested this theory on seven volunteers who slept with a 100-watt bulb by the bedside from days 13-17 of their menstrual cycles. None other women slept with a dim photographic safe light. The women who slept with the 100-watt bulbs experienced a shorter menstrual cycle.

2. Your voice changes during your period.

 Female reproductive hormones affect your vocal chords and alter the sound of your voice.

3. The average woman will see more than 400 periods in her lifetime. 
4. Many women stay home out of fear that someone will find out Aunt Flo is in town.

In a survey by Clue which polled 90,000 women around the world, 96% of respondents in Thailand, 95% in Singapore, and 93% in Indonesia said they missed school, work or an event because they were afraid someone would discover they were on their period.

5. Women tend to spend more money during their periods.

Researchers from the University of Hertfordshire in U.K. surveyed more than 400 menstruating women on their spending habits at various phases of their cycle, and discovered that the women shopped more impulsively and generally spent more during their period than at other times during their cycle.

6. On average, women spend nearly ten years of their lives menstruating!

7.   The most common age for girls to get their first period is 12.

8.   Menstruation usually continues until about age 50.
9.   In the 1800s, girls didn’t get their first period until around age 16 or 17.

Nutrition and stress are said to be the reasons why girls now get their periods earlier.

10.  The pain level, blood flow and duration of a woman’s period increases during winter months.

11.  You can still conceive when you are on your period. Though unlikely, it is possible to get pregnant if intercourse occurs at the end of your period.

12.  Human females are one of only 3 mammals that go through menopause. Elephants and humpback whales are the other two mammals.
13.  Each year, menstrual symptoms are responsible for 100 million lost work hours in America alone.

14.  In rare condition called “vicarious menstruation”, a woman may bleed from places other than her vagina, e.g. mouth, ears, lungs, nose, eyes and skin.

15. Menstrual blood was once believed to cure ailments like headaches, leprosy, the plague, and, wait for it…demon possession! It was also used in love charms.

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