15 Fun Facts about Women Making History

We bring this to you with such pride. Simply put: we ROCK! 😊

Did you know that some of the highest IQ scores in recorded history belong to women?

Marilyn vos Savant, born in 1946, was listed as having the highest recorded IQ in the Guinness Book of Records from 1986 to 1989. She is a magazine columnist, author and lecturer.

Edith Stern is one of the greatest minds of our era. She spoke in complete sentences and did calculations before the age of one. She had completed several graduate degrees by the time she was 18, and now holds over 128 US patents to her name. She has scored 200 and higher on multiple IQ tests.

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1. In 16th century France, impotence was a justifiable reason for a woman to divorce her husband. Husbands who were charged with this would have to prove themselves in a public trial by…we won’t go into detail 😊

2. In 1770, a bill proposed in the British Parliament suggested that any woman wearing make-up should be punished for witchcraft.

3. Curves were celebrated in the 1940s in US. Products to gain weight we advertised to help women become more curvy and appealing to men.

4. Some women are born with a rare condition called uterus didelphys – where they have two uteri instead of one. Sometimes women with this condition also have two vaginas.

5. Wonder Woman (2017) was the first superhero film starring a female lead to be directed by a woman. Patty Jenkins, we salute you!

6. Mary Anderson is credited for inventing the windshield wiper in 1903. Many other women over the years have left been equally as impressive and have patented non-reflective glass, disposable diapers, white out, and industrial lathes, among many other innovations.

7. During WWII, a female African American performer named Josephine Baker transported hidden messages to French soldiers through sheet music covered in invisible ink.

8. Frances Eliza Wills and Harriet Ida Pickens were the first black women to serve and sailors in the Naval Reserve during WWII. In spite of insurmountable racism they faced, they became the first black female officers in the US Navy.

9. The tallest woman recorded in history was a woman from China named Zeng Jinlian. She stood an astounding 8 feet 1 ¾ inches tall.

10. Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were built by women: Assyrian Queen Semiramis planted the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; and Artemisia, who was queen of Caria, built the Masoleum of Halicarnassus.

11. Beulah Hunter, a woman in Los Angeles has the longest human pregnancy on record. She gave birth in 1945 after carrying her baby for 375 days — a full three months longer than normal based on her last menstruation. Although this was before ultrasounds, so there could have been some miscalculation when dating the pregnancy.

12. The woman who underwent the world’s first successful womb transplant, Derya Sert, became pregnant in 2013.

13. The first computer programmer was a woman named Ada Lovelace.

14. When a Texas woman named Alicia Richman discovered that she was producing excessive amounts of breast milk after giving birth to her son in 2012, she decided to donate the surplus, which was a whopping 86.8 gallons of breast milk!! Enough to feed a baby over 33,000 times!

15. During the 18th century, the first wife of Russian farmer Feodor Vassilyev bore him a miraculous 69 children – yes you read right! The couple had sixteen sets of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quadruplets. After her death, her husband married again, and his new wife gave him an additional 20 kids. No comment.

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