Everyday Shero: [VIDEO] Interview w/ Kuchengetana Trust Founder Samantha Murozoki

For the past 535 days, Kuchengetana Trust Founder Samantha Murozoki and her team of volunteers have been cooking over 1,000 meals per day for people in need in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Every single day, the team works tirelessly from 4 a.m. to late into the night.

We first interviewed Samantha in July 2020 when we learned about her efforts to curb the hunger crisis in Zimbabwe caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.

I caught up with Samantha recently to learn what her team has been up to lately. Watch my interview with her above and find out how you can help.

To support Kuchengetana Trust, contact Samantha via the following:

Email: samantha@kuchengetanatrust.co.zw
Website: http://www.kuchengetanatrust.co.zw/
Crowdfunding: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kuchengatena

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