Healthy Mind, Healthy You: Gearing up for the Fight

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As you have now understood, the emotional healing process is no walk in the park. It is more of a battle that you need to prepare for. In our quest for healing and wholeness, it is important to realize that in every good thing you will ever want to do in life, you will face adversity. We don’t always accept this fact, so we don’t prepare for it either.

Likewise, your emotional healing journey will require some preparation in setting your expectations of the process, being aware of possible setbacks and being ready to deal with the emotional toll of all this.

Correct Expectations of the Process

When it comes to emotional healing, it’s normal to get excited and caught up in the euphoria of positivity. The good feelings you get when things start to feel better will have you thinking that it will always feel good as you deal with your hurts. However, you should expect some difficult points in the process, like recounting some traumatic experiences or setting boundaries in dealing with toxic people or environments.

These are just some of the hurdles you will face as you deal with emotional hurts. It’s a sensitive area of your life, but it will require you to face it boldly.

Awareness of Possible Setbacks

Being aware of the possible setbacks allows you to enjoy the successes of the healing process, but it also gives you hope in the times that become more challenging. Some setbacks will be found in:

● People’s reactions: As you change, not all people will understand or accept it. Be ready to defend your healing journey.
● Slipping into old habits: While you face the behaviour traits and start changing, a part of you may feel more inclined to staying the same, not because it’s good for you, but because it’s more comfortable. Resist that urge.
● Thinking every tool works for everyone: In mental health, there are many different interventions designed to help different people get the best results on their mental wellness journey. But these interventions don’t work the same on everyone. Be open to trying more than one approach to your journey.

These are just some of the setbacks, but the point here is you have to be open to the fact that setbacks will be there, but you can overcome them.

Readiness to Handle your Emotions

In the same way you need to be open to setbacks and have correct expectations of this process, you have to gear your mind for the emotional journey you will go on. With each of the different stages as you heal, there will be emotional highs and lows. But just as the highs keep you encouraged, the lows should make you stronger.

Dealing with emotional hurt is a sensitive process, and it will stir up many varied emotions, but the importance is in allowing yourself to process it all as it comes.

With all these different effects of the emotional healing journey, it would be important to ensure you have access to the right resources. With the world now paying so much attention to mental health, there are many online resources or actual practitioners that can help you on this journey so it’s the most effective it can be.

Until next time, remember: when you change your thinking, you can change your life.

Cynthia M is a mental wellness coach trained in psychology. She works with different individuals and groups to help them establish a more balanced state of emotional well-being so they can experience a better quality of life.

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