Healthy Mind, Healthy You: Self-Care for Resilience

Healthy Mind, Healthy You is a weekly column written by Mental Wellness Coach Cynthia M. Each week, she will share insight on how you can be live a healthier life. You can read previous articles from this column here.

This month, we have looked at so many dimensions of self-care in our personal growth, in our relationships and in the concept of how we can make self-care as lifestyle. As you have learnt how to navigate these different spaces, it’s important to get back to the main reason why self-care is so important.

Being a Boss

When we take care of ourselves using a holistic approach, we build strength of character. This is because life can be tough, but once you also learn how to be tougher, you learn how to handle things better. I always advocate for women to be bosses not bossy. The biggest difference is in character. Bosses are leaders who get things done, but bossy people fail to lead and fail to get things done because they often have a bad attitude towards work. As a boss, you will require resilience as a character trait, and that is what I am sharing here.


Self-love means you have to have a culture of showing yourself some love. This may sometimes be spoiling yourself with a spa day or fancy gadget, but daily, it will look like affirmations and a lot of positive self-talk. We need to learn to be kind to ourselves so we can be strong enough to face the world when it is not so kind. So, as you go about your day, think of things that encourage you and make you feel capable of handling whatever comes your way. Meditate on words that give you life and confidence not words that bring you down.


The art of self-discipline is what shapes a person’s character. Self-care like we mentioned in other articles can look like setting boundaries for yourself in relationships or you sticking to a set routine of doing things. When we take care of how we use our time and resources, we have better resilience because we have become more responsible. You have to learn how to be resourceful as a character trait because no matter what sort of crisis you encounter, you can overcome it.

As you have learnt so much about how to really apply self-care this month, I look forward to hearing the changes you have made in your own life. Do share all your insights and feedback on what you have enjoyed about changing up your self-care routines.

Until next time, remember: when you change your thinking, you can change your life.

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