“Image is Superficial,” says Model

Ever wonder what it’s like to win the “genetic lottery”? Hear it from a successful model.

Looks aren’t Everything
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So I found this TED talk to be quite interesting. How do you feel about a beautiful woman telling you that beauty isn’t everything?
Some women feel offended that a woman, who has benefited enormously from her looks, would complain about how hard her life is because of her beauty, and that looks aren’t everything. Others feel that her beauty and experience in an industry that dictates the standard of beauty in our culture, qualifies her to shine a light on the deception behind magazine covers and Photoshop.
Cameron Russell’s speech puts everything into perspective. It would greatly benefit women to remember that the magic behind stunning covers is a combination of beauty, great lighting and photography, phenomenal makeup, and graphic artistry. As Cameron puts it, it’s a team of experts.

What are your thoughts on Cameron Russell’s speech?

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