TBT: Gems From Sharon’s Story – Rising from Desolation

Three years ago, we published a story about a woman who climbed to Mt. Everest’s Base Camp just one year after surviving life-threatening surgery to remove multiple fibroids.

Years earlier, Sharon had left her native of Zimbabwe and travelled to Australia to study. It was supposed to be a new beginning filled with promise. Instead, she retuned home feeling depleted.

“A few years later, I was in debt, failing in school and totally losing it. It was then that I decided to go back home for three weeks. All I wanted was a turnaround and reinvent myself.”

From a place of solace to a place of desolation

Sometimes the promise of a new beginning doesn’t live up to its hype and we find ourselves struggling to stay afloat. Going back to a familiar place seems to be the only option. But when Sharon decided to go back home, her place of refuge became the place where she experienced debilitating pain and learned she had several fibroids. Things were supposed to get better, but they got worse.

I can relate to that. There are many times in my life when what was supposed to comfort me turned into a source of pain. That can become a very desolate place emotionally. What do we do when we find ourselves here?

It may be hard but find the good. Ask God to help you see His hand in your predicament. Seek His guidance and do not make any hasty decisions. Trust that God has already given you everything you need to weather your storm.

Your advocates

At two critical points in Sharon’s life, people who loved her stepped in to prevent the worst from happening.

Due to the size of the fibroids, Sharon’s gynecologist at the time told her the only option was to have a hysterectomy. She was just 27. Feeling like there was no other way out, Sharon accepted this reality and gave consent for the procedure, however, her mother stepped in and said no. There had to be another way.

The second time someone came to her was when she became suicidal. Her friend sensed something was terribly off and sent paramedics to Sharon’s door.

Sometimes we are in a state of such despair that our decision process cannot be trusted. This is why having trusted people around you who are aware of your struggle is paramount. If it weren’t for her mother and her friend, Sharon’s story would have turned out differently. Be thankful for the people in your life who made a bold choice on your behalf when you couldn’t. They may not know which of the options is the best path, but they will steer you away from the wrong one.

Sharon eventually bounced back and triumphed over her circumstances. We love a happy ending.

Read Sharon’s story and let us know what lessons you find!

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