TWSC Submission: Finding Fulfillment in Doing What I Love

My name is Dorah Saziso Ncube Zibengwa. I stay in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  I am a mother of two and expecting the third child. I am a Ndebele and English news anchor at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). I started working at ZBC in 2016 after I managed to pull through auditions for news presenters. I had always been a fluent reader and always enjoyed reading, and I believe that is why I decided to give it a try when I saw the advert. I can simply say reading gave me fulfillment.

I remember from Grade 3, my teachers loved my reading. I was usually chosen to read out loud in class if we were doing a novel or a story. This happened until my Advanced Level. [Interestingly], even my pastor in the church I grew up [in] preferred my Bible reading when he was preaching, so a greater part of me was confident that I was going to get the job of being a news presenter.

Despite working for ZBC, I have always wanted to have my own business, but most of the time I got to embark on business ventures that were not really my idea but my husband’s. We tried a number of business ventures, but they would not give me fulfilment. I finally sat down and reminded myself about my passion and one of my greatest passions is hair.

I remember from the time I was 10 years old, I would plait my mother, sister and nieces.  It just came out naturally and it was good. My greatest fulfilment, though, was styling kids.  I enjoyed being creative and it was easier on kids than adults.  Whenever I was free, I found myself styling my neighbours’ children and my cousins.

After trying out all the business ventures, I decided now that I will follow my heart and do a business which I love with a passion. One of the first things, together with my desire to pursue clothes designing, is hairdressing. Since I knew that I do not really like doing adults’ hair, I decided to specialize [in] kids’ hair.

I saw the gap particularly in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, because kids are not given priority in hair salons. My other concern as a mother is the adult talk we engage in in salons; it is too much for the kids. I designed a salon for them…

Very few hairdressers are patient with their fidgeting and tantrums, and for me it is not a problem at all. That is why I decided to take it up and do it.

Now being a woman who is heavily pregnant, I got the place for my salon and forced myself to renovate and prepare it for operation.  Being the mother of two boys and also expecting another baby, I worked tirelessly for the salon to come to completion. I was so desperate to have things move swiftly and to set a standard even though I am not physically fit. I thank God all went well and I managed to open one of the first kids’ salons in Bulawayo called Styles and Smiles.

My main challenge was on capital to renovate the place and buy equipment for the salon. I could not get a loan from banks and financial companies since they wanted a business which was already running. I would like to thank God for my family and friends who managed to assist me financially to start up my salon.

I would like to advice other women that if you want to get into business, follow your greatest passion, something that you know you can do even if there is no money paid for the services. It is the best drive that can give you fruits of labour. I have been busy with all kinds of businesses but never found fulfillment in the business till now, and I am loving every moment of it. Fulfillment is not just making money, but doing something you love.


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