TWSC Submission: How my Marriage and Womb were Restored

I am now a mother of five by the grace of God, for the very womb that had been declared ‘bad’ and was supposed to be removed is the very same one that gave birth to four beautiful children afterwards.

Those are the words shared by Vimbai Ncube who was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as the youngest of four children. Because she was born during the wartime in 1973, the family had to relocate from Entumbane to Queens Park where her father worked as a cook for a white family. Entumbane had become the epicentre of the Bulawayo battle named Gukurahundi.

Moving to Queens Park meant l had to attend a white school. This was a difficult time because l could not speak English at all at the time, so mingling with the other kids was difficult for a while. I did my secondary education in Northlea High and later did a secretarial course with Speciss College.

I received Christ in my teens and met a Godfearing man who became my husband. Trouble began when, after we had had our first child in 1998, my husband wanted another child, but l could not conceive. He backslid, but l continued believing that God would give me more children. My husband decided to search for a child out of wedlock and this is when all hell broke loose. This woman was 10 years younger than me [and I believe she] used African ‘juju.’

My husband fell head over heels due to this. Whatever she was using affected me badly because l bled continuously for eight months. l went to the best gynecologist at the time who told me my womb needed a hysterectomy because it would produce a smelly discharge and so there was nothing he could do for me.

Left with no option but to have the hysterectomy, l booked for the procedure. [But] when l informed my mother, she bluntly told me not to go ahead and even threatened my husband if l went ahead with the procedure. And so, we cancelled the appointment.

This led to me being very bitter with my mother. I did not understand why she wanted to see me suffer. Changing pads [so often was] not easy at all.

Little did l know that God was in it. God raised up prayer partners from different denominations who stood by me. In the meantime, my husband had allegedly impregnated the other woman and was preparing to marry her customarily even after her witchcraft acts were exposed through prayer. Only when he found out she was lying about the pregnancy did he disconnect himself from the woman. I was surprised when he joined me for one of our prayer sessions. The power of God moved [him] so much that he rededicated himself to God bringing a new phase of reconciliation and forgiveness in our marriage.

My prayer partners intensified in prayer and spoke prophecies of me having twins, but like Sarah in the Bible l somehow doubted it until l started spotting! This was the beginning of my miracle, the turnaround of a very sad and traumatic experience into a miracle. I went back to the doctor [with] whom l had cancelled the hysterectomy for a pregnancy confirmation, but he refused to see me. He actually laughed when l informed him that l thought l was pregnant. But after crying and pleading with him, he did the test, and we were both shocked to find that l was actually pregnant. On my cards, he wrote ‘God is good’ and even went on to declare that it was indeed a miracle.

And that is how my second child came about and her name is Shamiso Simangaliso, which simply means miracle. I later went on to have three more children, including a set of twin boys making the prophecy come true. After being written off as bad, my womb gave birth to four more children. It is only by the grace of God.

For years, l was bitter with my husband and the other woman until l had to learn to release them for my own good. My mother sadly [died] in 2015 after seeing all my children. l thank God who used her to stop me from having the hysterectomy.

I would like to say to someone going through a similar situation: do not give up no matter what, but hold on to God for He is able to turn ones mourning into dancing. Just believe and trust in Him. I am a mother that has no doubt in the power of God.

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