Once is one time too many – If it sometimes hurts, it can never be love

Abused womanI have seen women with scars they have been left with by the men they loved. I have seen women lose their self esteem because they have been through hell with the men they fell in love with. Some have lost hope when it comes to love, because they have been told they don’t deserve love. It’s sad that women have, at many times, taken the blame for the violence they face. What I know is, no matter what wrong you have done, you don’t deserve to be hurt for it.

They say love is blind, but even if love is blind it isn’t numb, it feels pain.

Love is sweet, beautiful, amazing, patient and all good. The moment there is a sign of pain or misery, know that it is not love.

From the time of courtship, one can often see violent tendencies a man has but we often excuse those flaws and are quick to forgive when he tells us, “I was out of my mind, babe. I don’t know how that happened.”

Yes, it is healthy to forgive but to safeguard your life. Forgive and move on! If you don’t, you will always stay in fear and the trauma doesn’t disappear easily. Sometimes, the word “sorry” is not enough to erase the pain and scars inflicted on you.

Love can make you sit and think that you shouldn’t have done what you did and you really deserved the pain, but my sister, look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful you are. You deserve nothing but happiness and the only tears that you should shed because of that man are tears of joy.

A leopard never changes its spots and don’t think if he slaps you once he will never do it again. Don’t be fooled by the notion that all men are the same; there are women out there who have never had their man lay a finger on them. Pack your bags, kiss your abusive past goodbye and move on.

You might be tied to him because of his finances; you can always find a job, start small and make your own money. You might be afraid of what people will say, but remember you do not live your life for them. You only live once and no one deserves to die in misery. Say no to accepting abuse because of love. If it sometimes hurts, it can never be love.

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